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Important News

30 April, 2021

Dear Friends of Ellel Victoria,

We pray you have all had a blessed start to 2021. God certainly provided us with some beautiful days as we reflected on Jesus’ suffering, and rejoiced in His resurrection.

Sadly, due to the recent ‘Conversion Bill’ legislation passed in Victoria, Ellel’s International Executive Leadership has requested, and we have agreed, that there be a suspension of the work in Victoria until the end of 2021. This will include prayer ministry as well as the courses listed in our 2021 Guide.

The Executive are aware that similar legal battles are on the horizon elsewhere. They assure us that their decision has not been made lightly, or from fear, but for the safety and protection of our team, and for the work of Ellel in Victoria and worldwide.

While Ellel will not compromise on the truth of the Word of God, the Executive will take this time to examine all practices to ensure we offer the life-giving ministry of Christ in the safest possible way.

Our team are in good spirits, and we will meet together throughout the rest of the year. We want to build our ‘house’ – to dig down and have a strong foundation that will weather the storms ahead.

In the meantime, it is our aim to bring you helpful resources via our website, and which we will advertise in our monthly newsletters. We pray that the work we love to do will begin as soon as possible in 2022, and that we will be able to see many of you again soon.

We would really value your prayers for Ellel Victoria, as well as the work of Ellel worldwide.


Kevin and Anne

Kevin and Anne Cranwell
Leaders, Ellel Ministries Victoria
+ 61 (0) 473 562 968