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Healing through Creativity

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Subtitled A Bridge from the Head to the Heart - How simple creativity can bring deep healing from our Creator, this book is the result of God teaching Fiona Horrobin about creativity as a means of deep healing.  Fiona weaves together scripture, inspiring stories of God's work in people's lives, and practical information to demonstrate how God's communication with our inner-most being is amplified through creativity, touching our heart and transforming our lives.  It will engage your senses and invite you to explore your own creativity and how it can break through and release you from your deep pain, wounds and hurts.  This dramatic and beautifully produced book will show you how creativity can be used in your own healing walk with God and can also help you learn to accompany others into their own life-changing personal freedom.  If you are involved in a healing ministry you will want this book in your library.