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(FREE) Dispelling Disappointment

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A free one hour special online course presented by Ellel Ministries Victoria.

It’s a rare person that hasn’t suffered some disappointments during their life; not everything goes the way we would like. But how do we stop these past life events throwing a shadow over all our hopes for the future?

We need to invite Jesus into our disappointments and with His encouragement take an honest look at how we have dealt with these realities.

Then with Jesus' healing we can be released from the grip of the past and move forward with hope into the future.

We are really pleased to present this course by Denise Cross. She is a gifted teacher, who brings the truth of God’s heart for us with warmth and compassion.

This free course will be available for viewing at your convenience between Wednesday 25 August and Tuesday 31 August 2021.

Prebook your access now and a link will be sent to you when the recorded teaching session is available for viewing.