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We offer courses throughout the year.

15-16 Jan EXPLORE B1 / The Family Business - exploring what it means to live in the Kingdom of God
19-20 Feb EXPLORE B2 / Rewired - exploring beliefs and behaviours
19-20 Mar EXPLORE B3 / Deliver Us From Evil - exploring the snares of the enemy
31 Mar Caring for Kids Through Covid - helping parents help their kids (free event)
16-17 Apr EXPLORE B4 / The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - exploring how to deal with difficult emotions
14-15 May EXPLORE B5 / Godly Sexuality - exploring God’s design for sex and sexuality
18-19 Jun EXPLORE B6 / Picking up the Pieces - exploring healing for past accidents and traumas
16-17 Jul EXPLORE B7 / Unique - exploring our God-given identity
20-21 Aug EXPLORE B8 / God's Plumbline - exploring how to recognise and avoid deception
17-18 Sep EXPLORE B9 / In His Image - exploring healing through creative expression
15-16 Oct EXPLORE B10 / Healing Workshop - exploring ministry practice 
(restricted to EXPLORE B school students only)
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